Sep ’02 – entry 3

Think Richly

Driving home the other night from a night out on the town, I was filled with a youthful exuberance like something wonderful was about to happen. I have learned to recognize that this is God’s way of telling me that I was about to encounter another miracle through a Prophet. So I immediately spoke with God and thanked him for the beauty that I was about to experience and I told God, “Please use me as a conduit for your message. What do you want me to talk about in my next posting on my ‘Year in White’? And I choose to see the miracle you have for me, before I get home.” Well, about two blocks later, I look up and read a Citibank billboard that read “If your cup runneth over, spill a little” and the tag line on the billboard was “Live Richly.” Instantaneously I knew that it was God using anything he/she could to talk to me, to deliver his message. I was already tossing around ideas for my next posting, since my life has been filled with so many wonderful realizations and miracles this week, and this one billboard tied them all together, so I will do my best to deliver God’s message to you. But before I do so, I challenge you to suspend your disbelief for a moment and entertain the thought that this was a message delivered especially for you, by God. You will then read this posting on such a different level, that hopefully, it will resonate in you and you will be touched by the incredible amount of happiness and richness that God has already given you – you just need to accept it.

Having participated in so many different spiritual pursuits and religions, I have noticed one continuous thread throughout them. The most “spiritual” or “religious” people I run into are all dirt poor, or at least struggling to make it. One would most assuredly not look at them and say that they were prosperous by any means. I am included in that statement, but that is changing very quickly for me. Apparently, we as a people have associated money and richness with evil. This shows a lack of understanding of what money is and how it works. Money is nothing more than a representation of service that someone has rendered to another. It is a medium of exchange that represents the time that someone has given to another – so truly, you are exchanging your time for another person’s time when you pay for a good or service. Unfortunately, people have associated spiritual evolution with poverty – I have even heard people make the statement that true spiritual growth cannot be attained unless one is free from material possessions, while this may have worked in historical times, this is just impractical in today’s society.

In modern capitalistic society, we need to deal with money in order to assure that our needs are met. We have to pay for shelter, food, medical care, clothing, heating or air conditioning, and then we have the other things that we pay for which bring beauty into our lives, like luxuries, entertainment, information, communication services, etc. All of these things are necessary to give one a COMFORTABLE and trouble-free existence. The reason why one cannot be spiritually growing without these things, is because LACK of these things causes obstacles, stress, pressure, distractions and annoyances which pull us away from the true work that we are supposed to be doing, and that is our spiritual work. Now, I am not going to portray spiritual work as sitting in the lotus position on a cushion meditating for hours on end – this would work nicely for many people, but it is not the JOB that we have here to do. The work that you have to do here is to represent God in everything that you do – and it is easiest to bring forth God’s work through the things that you have passion to do. If you are passionate about painting, then you are here on this earth to bless us all with your creations of beauty – and through that medium you are allowing God to speak to all of us. If your passion is to crunch numbers, then that is your divine mission – you are here to guide others who have mortal fear of numbers so that you can help them attain prosperity. We will talk a little more about that fear in a moment. Whatever your passion is, you need to operate from that center, because then and only then will you feel love in your heart and THEN will you be representing God in all that you do.

So let’s be honest, if you have a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, a reliable, nice car, and never had to worry about work stress, whether the bills were paid or how you were going to pay them, life would be easier, right? Of course! When you are worried and stressed, and in any other place but love, you are not operating from the divine center that lies within you. You are instead operating from illusion, fear, human frailty and are therefore disconnected from the divine force that you could USE to make your life into a beautiful, rich experience. Therefore, in order to AID you in doing your spiritual work, you should truly be rich and know how to manage and grow your finances. God has so many things that he wants you to do. He has amazing plans for you, but how can you begin to master the spiritual realm and connect with your true divine self, when you cannot even master the physical realm and when you cannot understand something as simply as money.

Anyone who has difficulty with money can simply change their financial situation by changing their thinking about it. One of my spiritual teachers once taught me the concept of “stinking thinking” – that if your physical world was a difficult place and your life sucked it was because it was merely reflecting your THOUGHTS about yourself. You had a case of stinking thinking. So many witches or other magically inclined people perform spell after spell to increase their money, but then never do any work to learn how money works and more importanly, what thought patterns they have which manifest their poverty in the first place. No spell for money will work when the very person casting it thinks from a soul level that they are unworthy of money. In order to be rich, you need to first think like a rich person. But before we can do that we need to overcome the belief that being rich makes a person bad. If you are doing God’s work here, then you are good, and consequently, deserve to be rich. You need to realize that a true wealthy person is one who has a full life, surrounded with beauty, wonderful people around them, success, and above all, who loves himself and therefore has lots of money to show for that – and does not NEED any of it. That is the trick. When you come from a point of NEED, you are recognizing that you do not have that very thing, and your mind will manifest that neediness – and thus you will continue being poor. The rich person KNOWS that he is rich (good), and thus his life reflects that goodness in the form of money. So, release the judgement about money and stop coming from a point of lack and need – instead approach everything from a center of abundance.

So how does one approach things from a center of abundance? Well first, instead of always telling yourself that you “cannot afford that” – instead ask yourself “what can I do to afford that?” And then put your creative divine mind to work. Your creative mind is so incredibly powerful that it can solve things in your sleep. By challenging it in such a manner, you will find amazing ways to bring money into your life that you never imagined. If there is anything I have learned through being unemployed, it is the fact that the mind can manifest prosperity ANYWHERE! I looked at my bank account the other day and I have more money in my checking account than when I was working! How the hell did that happen?! By thinking prosperously and creatively finding ways to increase my income. But most of all, by not coming from a origin of fear. Never in these 4 months did I worry that I would not be able to make it – and the universe supported me. Once your thinking changes, your entire outlook on your life will change, and then your mortal life will change physically to match your thoughts. So do as the billboard said, “THINK RICHLY!”

I have had an amazing burst of prosperity in the last month because I have changed my mind about things. That is what the billboard was telling me, “If your cup runneth over – spill a little.” It is to all of you who I direct this “spilling.” Think creatively to find new ways to build your prosperity. One of the best things I did was to pick up a book that I bought out of the personal finance section of the bookstore! Who would have thought that personal finance could have such a spiritual approach. I can to th realization that going to school, getting a steady job, working hard and saving money till retirement just doesn’t work any more. You need to invest, find a way to make passive income so that you no longer have to work all of your life. Wouldn’t you like to retire in the next five years? Well it can be done, but you need to: 1) know that you are good 2) recognize that you are already wealthy and merely need to remember how to manage it 3) learn practical skills through finance books 4) never come from a point of fear regarding money – you can tell your bill collectors to stick it while you work out some kind of solution, (we don’t have debtor’s prison in this county) 5) realize that you will be better able to do God’s work when you are unencumbered by these monetary woes.

God has so many wonderful things he wants you to do, he is just waiting for you to get over this simple task of learning how to manage your finances so that you never have to worry about them again. Instead you can spend your day spreading his beauty and message both through your gifts you have to offer the world, and through the way you live your life prosperously.

Next Chapter>>> Answered Prayers


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