Oct ’02 – entry 2

Ours is Merely Another Way

This Year in White has really shown a tremendous change in not only my own personal perspective, attitude and approach toward life, but a national and global shift as well. Sadly, what I have perceived of the changes in the world around me are frightening and reflect a growing attitude that people are really forgetting who we really are and why we are here. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been born, raised and to live in the United States of America. I also have the advantage of being able to perceive the attitudes and approaches of my people, our leadership and our media and have the blessing of the FREEDOM to express my opinion about what I see. Sadly, many people in the world cannot speak out as I have been so able to. As a blessed person who has the voice and capacity to speak, I shall.

I see that we as a People (capitalized to emphasize that we as a people stretch beyond national boundaries) have forgotten who We really are. We have voluntarily given up the truth that We are all part of one divine body that encompasses the totality of all creation, for the more alluring and dramatic illusion that we are separate and disconnected. Suddenly, the truth that “We Are” has been changed to “I am and you are, and what I am is not what you are, and vice versa.” And in forgetting this fundamental truth, We have disconnected ourselves from each other and consequently, from God, the source of our creative power which can heal all problems and conflicts. If each of us as “individuals” were to realize that We Are ONE, then We would also realize that the other people out there are a part of ourselves, and consequently there is no other living thing but the totality of “We” and that “We,” is God.

If you see another person as merely a part of you, then you would also realize that hurting another person is merely hurting yourself. You would rethink the ideas of “mine and thine” and you would no longer feel the need to fight because you would simply see others as an extension of yourself, talking and interacting with you in an effort to help you break through and learn or remember something about yourself. There would be no need for competition because you would inherently want to cooperate with your self in order that all might have enough. See, the truth of the matter is that there really is enough in the world. It is only when We believe the illusion that We are separate, that we fear not having enough and then hoard things in an effort to assure that we have enough. Again, We have created an unnecessary source of conflict and war. A perfect example of this is the fact that there is enough food in this world to feed everyone. The USA alone provides enough food to feed the world, yet this does not get to where it needs to be because we as a People have falsely divided ourselves into political bodies which prevent food from being distributed. Then power struggles arise because those that “have” deny their things from those that “don’t have.” Again, the need to have power arises from the illusion that We are separate, from a fear of need, from a deep rooted illusion that we will not survive and that we are alone in this world. The illusion that life is a struggle is very strong and very convincing, yet life is really a playground for you to create what you will of it. Sadly, like “hurried children”, We have lost our skills of play and replaced them with fear, need and conflict.

The other thing that we as a People have created in response to this illusion of separation is the illusion of superiority. We have constructed the tradition of “better-than.” We have falsely divided things into mine and thine out of the illusion that we and all things are separate, and then have concluded that what I have is better, superior, higher, more blessed and the most damaging of all – right. Therefore, that which is not what we have and what we do is worse, inferior, lower, an abomination or just flat out wrong. It is this illusion of superiority which is most visible in our world today. Our arrogance as a People has grown to the point where we are saying things like “Our way of life is better than theirs” or “Their religion is wrong” or even worse “They are so wrong and inferior that they need to be KILLED in the name of God!” Just look around you. After the attacks of 9-11, we as Americans instead of coming together, came apart … apart from the rest of the world. Instead of creating a new solution and addressing the cause of the reactions of others who deemed our way of life as “evil, wrong and deserving of death” we SEPARATED ourselves from the world, REACTED from fear and decided to kill those who killed us. What was labeled as an action to “preserve our way of life” actually destroyed Our way of life. We fell further and deeper into the illusion that we are separate, that we are better, that we are correct and that others are wrong. We acted from the same motivation that the terrorists did. PLEASE DO NOT MISCONSTRUE MY WORDS TO SAY THAT THE TERRORISTS WERE CORRECT IN THEIR ACTIONS!!!! I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE SENSELESS KILLING OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FOR ANY REASON!!! Least of all because of an illusion and fear. But what happened, as many protesters to the war predicted, was that we emphasized and supported what the terrorists cited as the reasons for their lashing out – we unleashed, or rather, fed, a huge beast – the beast of the illusion of separation and superiority.

Now our leaders are at a point where they are trying to be the authority and judge of the rest of the world’s actions. They have separated themselves even from the very people they are supposed to be representing and are taking it upon themselves to deem our way of life as more correct, superior, right and others as wrong. This is being exhibited in the attempts to attack other countries out of revenge, superiority illusions and in my personal opinion, a desire of our prime leader to prove himself to his father, and in doing so, will be taking the lives of thousands of innocents. All of this against the will of his people, and against the will of many of the other world’s countries. We are at a point in our modern world, where the need to be right and correct has overturned even basic necessities like food, shelter, work, and most importantly peace. Just look at the polls out there. Our People are approving of a president’s job because he is warmongering all over the world, when his own home is in shambles. I have never experienced such a terrible economic downturn in my employed lifetime. I have never heard of more people losing their jobs, their homes, not being able to feed themselves and such. But apparently to our leaders, waging war to prove that we are right is more important than making sure that the family is clothed, fed and able to fend for themselves. To that I say, clean up your own home before criticizing someone else’s.

So what the heck can We as a People do about this? Well it is very simple. There is nothing to “do” there is only something to “be.” Be the change in your life. Be peaceful, be understanding, and remind yourself constantly that We Are ONE – recognizing that this statement reaches beyond the boundaries of your own nation, beyond the very confines of this planet, to the very extent of the universe – WE ARE ONE. See that when you harm another you are really just harming yourself. See that your actions are merely actions upon yourself and your thoughts are the seeds for the creation called “your life.” And when you fall into the illusion of superiority and separation remind yourself that “Ours is merely another way.” One way is not better, more correct, more blessed, superior or higher than another. State it from the hilltops, scream it in public, act upon it ever moment of your life “Mine is merely another way.” Create the change in consciousness in your own life and your physical world around you will reflect that.

Instead of stomping out that which is not like us, We should instead say “yours is merely another way” and then attempt to understand what would cause a person to act in such a way as to attack another. Remember, any person or group who attacks another always believes that they are defending themselves or their way of life. No one consciously attacks just to attack – they all BELIEVE that they are defending themselves. Even our own American government couches its claims to attack Iraq as a preventative measure to stop him from producing weapons of mass destruction – it is an attack on another country couched in claims that it is a defensive move. When you perceive others’ attacks on you as a defense, it helps you to understand their motivation and address what you can do to help heal the cause of that motivation. It is merely a matter of changing your perspective on things. All anger is merely a cry for help – try to find out why they have fallen into the illusions of fear, separation and need. Only when you see the illusion and confront it clearly and honestly, will it dissolve before your eyes.

That is why I call upon all of you to be the change in your lives and in your worlds. You might not agree with what I say about my observations of my world. But, if you are dissatisfied with your life, with your government, with your world, then BE the change – honestly look at the illusion and see it for what it is, and then manifest the very change around you, simply by changing your mind about it. The simple truth is that the truth is simple. There is nothing to do, there is only something to Be. You cannot do peaceful, you can only be peaceful. You cannot do understanding, you can only be understanding. And once you become peaceful, you can then truly say “We Are Peaceful” and the People will change the whole world. We will remember that We Are God and only then will We create the perfect world of bliss, Heaven on Earth, where We Are All One People, where there is enough, where there is no superiority, because we will recognize that being different does not mean being separate or being better than.

I send you blessings and recognize who you are and why you are here.

Next Chapter>>> A Year Ago


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