Oct ’02

Answered Prayers

Remember the posting that I put up last month called “Think Richly?” Well, that night was filled with miracles, and answered prayers apparently. That night, I had a feeling that I absolutely had to go to the bar that I have been frequenting recently. I was a bit tired, but I decided to go, because I had that feeling inside of me that something wonderful was going to happen. I have learned to listen to this feeling – the feeling in your stomach that is like excitement, or butterflies – because it is God’s way of telling me that a miracle or a prophet is about to cross my path. Another message I got was that I had to wear bright colors that night, which is contrary to the typical thing that is done at this bar. Normally people dress in subdued colors and try not to really stand out, I was instructed otherwise – so I wore a red T-shirt. I put on my boots that make me look really tall (hehehe) and I headed out for the bar.

That night a man, an angel, who I had noticed way back in May but never had the bravery to speak to, crossed my path. I was told, no, SCREAMED AT, to grab him. So I did, and I knew exactly what I needed to tell him at that very moment. I whispered in his ear, “You are beautiful and you need to remember that.” He looked at me with curiosity and continued about his job. When he crossed my path again, I told him that I would like to talk to him once he had a moment. We finally talked and the connection was immediate and amazing. It seemed that he was as surprised that I wanted to know him better, as I was that he would be attracted to me. Both of our own issues were preventing us from ever approaching each other. I told him that I wanted to get to know him and that I would like to go out to dinner later that week so that we could talk. He gave me his number and I went home elated. On the drive home was when the “Think Richly” inspiration was received.

We are happily dating now, learning and exploring each others’ beauty and complexity every day. Indeed, God let me know that Sept 13 was a day filled with beauty, amazement and inspiration. A series of miracles – dots – leading to a beautiful explosion of God’s magnificence. True understanding. True compassion. True love.

I had come to an interesting conclusion just a few weeks prior to meeting him. I have never fit in with my peers. It is as if I was born into this life with a very special job with a whole lot of things to bring to the world, and most people have considered me odd, unapproachable, intimidating or worse, a freak. Well, I have learned to embrace my uniquenesses and honor them as my strengths. Apparently, they are what have brought you here to my site – and I thank you for that. But after a series of really lackluster, simple relationships that lacked a “soul connection,” I had resigned myself to never meeting someone who could match my set of unique qualities. I had settled with accepting this string of rather “common” dating situations as all I would have in my life, and I was accepting of that, since my job here in this life is something so tremendous that I cannot even begin to describe it. No one would ever “get me,” or understand my role here, so I just figured I would enjoy the people who would drift in and out of my life and see the beauty in that.

Then HE arrived in my life, and suddenly, God had reminded me of how compassionate, loving, kind and understanding She really is. It was as if God was saying to me,

“Yes, I have wonderful things in store for you and many plans, but you do not have to sacrifice yourself to that work. I give you beauty, love and above all, understanding, embodied in this person. The one thing that you have not received from people, is the one thing I am giving you in response for understanding and knowing who You Really Are.”

And now I am in a relationship for the first time in my life where someone really “gets me.” And he is not afraid to approach me, call me on my shit, tell me like it is, honor me and love me for the unique person I am and above all, see me as a special, blessed and complete man who reminds him of how special, blessed and complete he is. In his eyes, I see God – many times he has reminded me of Who I Am when I have forgotten, and many times he has answered my prayers to God through the words that come out of his mouth, like a prophet – he humbles me. I love him with all my heart and I thank God for an answered prayer.

Another prayer was answered about two weeks after meeting my boyfriend. I was sitting at home, watching some t.v. and my soul actually called out and stated that it was ready to bring a job into my life again and start working. I was a bit shocked, considering how much I was enjoying unemployment, but I decided that it was time to work again. Three days later, I received a call on my answering machine from a staffing agency that had seen my resume and was interested in having me interview for a position at a large electronics corporation. It was a totally unsolicited call, and it was exactly what I needed. I interviewed for the job, showed them my portfolio and was hired that day. I worked that day and have been working there since. It is a contract job, which means that it is not permanent, but I have helped them to accomplish everything they need in the short time that I have been here ( I am still working for them) and they are mightily impressed with my design skills. I am happy because I am receiving more money now and I can begin to accomplish some of the financial things that I desire. This is a direct result of my change of mind – my “thinking richly.” And I am very happy to spread some of the wealth as well. I like that I can buy beautiful things for the people I love, and I like that I don’t have to worry about getting the bills paid. I never was coming from a point of worry or fear at any point during my unemployment, but now I know that I can do spur of the moment things and not worry that a bill might not get paid. I can focus more on my spiritual pursuits like I mentioned in my posting last month.



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