Nov ’01 – entry 3

Interesting Reception

God bless my mother throughout this whole thing. She was very moved to see me in my traje de gala at the middle day of my initiation. She was and is always there for me. I was so happy that she could be there for my week. When we returned she even let my padrino do the ceremony required to give me entry into her home so I could visit whenever I wanted to. My FATHER even let us do the same thing with his home so I can visit him. But my sister is a different case. She did not want my padrino to do the proper ceremony to be let into her home. All it consists of is a few prayers and sprinking of some water at the home’s threshold. Since she would have nothing of it, I cannot visit her this year, which is very unfortunate. She will simply have to come to my home instead.

Additionally, the guy I was dating and I just realized that things were not going to work out. They had already been cooling off before I left for New York, but things were really not going to work out for him with me unable to go to any restaurants or movies, or the like. But I was told that the relationship would end in a reading anyways, so it was not a shock. What did shock me was how quickly some of the things that were in my itá were coming true.

A note to you guys out there who will make ocha soon. Really take what readings say seriously. I have had them save my life on several occasions, and I have seen people bitch-slapped down to the ground when they are not followed. The same applies for reading in Palo too – they happen even faster! I was told that I couldn’t travel by Sarabanda in a reading. I obeyed, and the next week the World Trade Center disaster occurred. Thank God I was not traveling then. He has since given me permission to travel, thank Sarabanda! He is indeed THE MAN!

I have found in this month of November, that being home by 6pm is incredibly, mind-numbingly boring. I have found four sources of entertainment – excuse my vulgarity which follows: 1) my computer, 2) my playstation, 3) my penis, and 4) food. I can either get on my computer and surf around the internet or play games, I can rent games from the local Blockbuster for my Playstation which I borrowed from my godbrother, I can play with myself, or I can eat everything in sight. This interesting phenomenon occurred when I was crowned with Shangó … my libido went through the roof. I would do the whole village if I could. Now fortunately I am allowed to have sex, I just have to be home by 6pm, which as a working man limits any trysts to weekends – unacceptable in my book. I am finding it very hard to control this desire and I am sure it is related to Shangó’s masculine energy. (I only share this incase other Iyawós go through the same thing.) The other thing is that when I am bored, I am finding that I eat sweets. I have been scarfing down ice cream and cookies like no body’s business. I am trying to control both of these drives because they can get me in serious trouble, so I have resorted to video games. I recently bought a game called “Tropico” for my computer where you get to be a dictator of a tropical island and can grow crops to make products like rum and cigars, or you can declare martial law and execute any challenger that tries to run against you in an election. It has kept me occupied between dinnertime and bedtime. I think I am going to start a list of recommended things an iyawó can do to keep himself occupied during the year.

I also have been trying to find nicer containers for my orishas. They are just lovely and I want their pots to be just as nice. I have found a wonderful selection of beautiful pots online at Ebay. Simply search for “ginger jar,” “temple jar,” “tureen,” or for a style of ceramic ware like Satsuma or Limoges. I recently bought a stunning pot for Oshún, but she didn’t fit inside, so I tried Oyá but she didn’t fit either. I am going to hold on to it just in case I can fit another orisha inside of it in the future. Maybe Ideú – Oshún’s gay child. Until next month!

Next Chapter>>> Iyawós and Weather Don’t Mix


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