Jul ’02

A White Wedding

I had the honor of participating in my sister’s wedding at the tail end of June, so I chose to include it in my July entries. It was absolutely beautiful. The flowers were stunning, and smelled fabulous. Members of my mom’s and dad’s family flew in from back east. The groom’s family flew in from New York as well and it was a treat to have them there. The wedding took place in Laguna Beach – arguably the most beautiful beach in Southern California, and the reception was in a room that had three large picture windows facing the beach with a perfect view of the ocean and the oncoming surf – simply spectacular. The ceremony was very touching and it resonated with many of the points that I brought up in last month’s entry about unconditional love. And most importantly, my sister looked incredible. All I could keep thinking to myself was “My sister is so pretty. My sister is SO PRETTY!” They are perfect for each other and I love them both very much. I welcome the my brother-in-law to our family with open arms. He is a great guy!

It was funny because my ex-boyfriend and now best friend was in the wedding with me. We were both ushers. He is an “adopted” member of my family now. He is like the brother I never had, and I love him with all my heart, probably more than he will ever know. He and I were the ones who picked up all of the loose ends before the wedding to make sure that everything ran with minimum drama and crisis. I knew that my sister was already dealing with a lot of things so it was the least I could do, and my best friend, well he is a saint for helping as much as he did too!

It was interesting that things worked out the way that they did. I remember back in November when I first made Ocha, that there was a big crisis because I would have had to wear white to my sister’s wedding which would have resulted in my exclusion from the wedding party since I could not wear the tuxedos. But thanks to the way that life works out, I was able to wear the tux and be in the wedding party. It was perfect. To think of how many problems dressing in which made for me in retrospect in unbelievable. Additionally, I have gained a new-found respect and love for color. Color painted on the walls, color in my wardrobe, color in gardens, on cars, etc. have become so important to me that I cannot begin to express it. 🙂

Another thing that I did not notice until after it had passed was that the anniversary of my rayamiento in Palo passed on July 9th. It passed without a twitch or a glitch. Frankly I never felt very drawn to the religion after initiation and I think like so many other things that my godfather did, it was pushed unnecessarily upon me so that he could gain the profit from the derecho. I do not regret doing it, but now that I am still unemployed, I sure could do without the debt that it caused me to incur!

Oh, and yeah I have no found a steady job yet. I am doing some freelance work here and there. But to cut costs and since freelance is very unpredictable, I decided to move back in with my mom. This was incredibly traumatic let me tell you. I loved my apartment two blocks from the ocean! Now I live inland where it is “africa hot” just about every day. Top this with the fact that the air conditioner in my car is broken and you can pretty much imagine how much laundry I have to do changing shirts three times a day because of the sweating. Yuck! But I do understand that this was a sound decision in order to survive this really bad economy. And we are getting along quite nicely.

I don’t know about you or where you live, but let me tell you that the economy is TERRIBLE in Southern California right now. Everyone I know is unemployed! They were either laid off, or fired, or have not been able to find a job, etc. The only ones that are still employed are the teachers because they have tenure! No one I know has been able to find a job yet. And frankly, I think that it is not going to get better any time soon. If you ask the angry folks from last month’s postings they will likely blame the economy on my decision to leave Ocha. Because you know Shangó is angry that I left my iyaworaje and is punishing the entire USA for it in the pocket book. Next thing you know they will blame the events of 9-11 on me too! Get a life!

July had been pretty quiet so I am going to sign off for now and will post something for August very soon.

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