Jan ’02

Happy New Year!

Well a Happy New Year to all of you! And a happy birthday to me! I turned old today.

First off, I had to clean all of my orishas before the new year began. This is a standard thing that every priest or priestess must do. It was nice because I was able to reconnect with all of them and really be grateful for their presence in my life. A lot of Iyawó’s don’t get to do this because until you have ebbó meta (or ebbó de tres meses as it is also known – your ebbó of three months) you cannot really work with your orishas or bother them. They are in repose, resting after the incredible amount of energy that goes into birthing them. I had the privilege of being able to clean them before my three month ebbó. The one that really hit me was Olokun. My Olokun is big – really big. His pot comes up to about my mid-thigh. Moving him has a task, and cleaning his implements really reminded me how many blessings I receive and will continue to receive through this orisha. I was told by my padrino to use the water that is inside of Olokun, Oshún and Yemayá for a bath before the new year, so I used SOME of Olokun‘s water (considering that it is about ten gallons worth in him) and all of the water from the other two. I put them in a bucket and finished cleaning everyone else.

When I went to take the bath with the bucket of water, I could tell the water is cold. Note to all those who are interested in this religion, most magical baths you will ever take are cold. Energy in this world is either hot or cold. Hot energy brings conflicts, arguments, war, disruptions, etc. Cold energy brings calmness, rationality, clean thinking, emotional and energetic peace. Therefore, most of the baths are cool to bring this energy into your aura and being. Well I tried to warm the bucket of water up first by putting it under the tap and adding some hot water to it, just so I wouldn’t shrink up. Well, I forgot that the middle handle of my shower was half turned on, and a stream of freezing cold water that was left in the head of the shower poured out and squarely fell on my naked back. OH MY GOD! AAAAA! I yelped like a dog. The only thing I could do was immediately turn off the faucet, and laugh my butt off because the orishas were in essence saying, “Oh no you didn’t! You are gonna take this bath cold!” and in all of my efforts to avoid the cold water I got a shot of it all over me. I was the recipient of a spiritual bitch slap and all I could do was laugh and just grab the bucket and pour its cold contents all over me. You know what? It wasn’t so bad because I got the shock out with the first stream that hit my back. Afterward, I felt wonderful. I even used some of the excess water from Olokun to sprinkle around my house to freshen its energy and spread his stabilizing force throughout my home.

This has been a really emotional birthday for me because I actually got to see it. Remember that Sarabanda saved my lilfe by sending me to Ocha, and Shangó blesses me with everything in the world, including life. I have them and everyone who supported me in doing this to thank for that. You all know who you are. 🙂 I love you all very much and bless you every day of my life. So when I was watching T.V. and saw the ball drop in Times Square, I moved into action. I first threw out the bucket of water in the Cuban tradition. Then I immediately saluted Shangó and thanked him for all of the wonderful things that I have, including my life, and I prayed so hard that when I got up from saluting him I was close to tears. I could actually feel the love he has for me like never before. I did the same for Lucero and I thanked Sarabanda in my heart.

The next morning, Jan 1, I awoke to find 10:08 on my clock. Oddúa speaks in 10-8 in the dillogun (cowrie shells) and considering it was his day, I took that as his way of greeting me with a happy birthday! Maferefún Oddúa, my second father. I went and spent the day with my family at my mom’s house and received some very nice gifts. My father gave me a gift certificate to the Gap so I could buy myself some more clothes, which is great, and my sister and her fiance gave me a great “home entertainment” basket that consisted of a gift certificate to Blockbuster to rent movies and snacking goodies! It falls within the list of the four things I can entertain myself with. hehehe.

I received many phone calls from friends which really brightened my spirits and I got online and decided to write this to update all of you on my progress. My three month ebbó is just a month away and boy am I looking forward to it. I can only imagine the stories I will have to share between then and now.

Next Chapter >>> What in the Hell is Going On With Me?


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