Dec ’01 – entry 4

More Pimp Accessories

Christmas felt so un-Christmassy for me this year. I was so concerned with my iyaworaje and the tragedies that happened in 2001 that is just snuck up on me. I did all of my Christmas shopping on one day, December 22. I was so proud of myself. I grabbed my stuff and headed out for retail hell. I ran from store to store buying presents, and I felt like a pack mule because of all of the bags I was carrying. I went to Bath and Body Works to buy some girly things for my mom and my godniece and noticed that all of the clientele were gay men. Am I surprised? No.

I got all my stuff done and got together with my family for Christmas. It was a nice day. We had a wonderful dinner courtesy of my mom. We played the perennial Cuban game of dominoes together, and watched a video. I got some really nice presents, but there were a few that I had to mention on this site. First off, my mom gave me a pair of very nice coral earrings which I have to wear because of something that came out in my Itá, they add a nice touch of pimp. My sister and her fiance gave me a very nice set of white towels too. And my godniece gave me a cool mini zen garden to entertain myself with – I will have to add that to my list of things for an iyawó to do. Oh, and she got me a new white belt, so I can have a cleaner-tidier pimposity to my look. It has a gold buckle – pimpalicious!

The other thing that I have noticed is that my hair is growing at an obscene rate. Now keep in mind that an iyawó normally gets their head completely shaved clean for the initiation ceremony. This is nothing new, since anyone who has seen an iyawó after the ceremony thinks they are going through chemotherapy or something – it is just the shaving, honest. Anyways, my hair is growing evenly – ALL OVER MY HEAD. I have acquired the Greg Brady look, and I an quickly growing a pair of Orthodox Jewish sideburns. I can actually curl them with my fingers! It is kind of cool, but I can only imagine that I look like a mess. An Iyawó cannot cut his or her hair for the first three months following the initiation and this is, to my understanding, so that the energy that is in the Iyawó’s head will not be disturbed or altered in any way. Hair has a big significance in the religion. It is very tied to a person’s energy and their past. Additionally, gray hair is very respected in the religion for it represents an elder and the wisdom of Obatalá that a person learns with age.

The latest pimp accessory that I was given was a new pair of white patent leather shoes with squared off toes – the latest look – from my mom as a birthday present. My birthday is January 1, Oddúa’s day, and interesting enough, in my Itá it came out that my second father in the religion is Oddúa. Cool huh? Well, more “reflections of the way life used to be” in the January Edition to come.

Next Chapter >>> Happy New Year


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