Aug ’02 – entry 2


In many ways, conversing with God has become a common, daily occurrence, but is still no less amazing or awe inspiring. Each time that I speak with God (notice I said “with” not “to”) and I hear him/her respond in very tangible ways, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with love and beauty. Knowing, not believing, but knowing that God is supporting me through everything and encourages me is very comforting. I have learned many things about myself and the role that I have to play here on earth. Helping people see their role here in this life is something that I have shared with many people. And I feel that every time a person that is lost crosses my path, God uses me as his tool to help that person remember who they are and what their unique and beautiful contribution to humanity is. And many times, people will cross my path to remind me what my role here on earth is, either by affording me the opportunity to put the unique skills that I have to work, thus connecting me with the divine energy which fuels me, or by directly speaking to me and stating outright what my role here on earth is. These people are my prophets, sent to me by God to speak directly to me when I am less receptive to his/her guidance.

See, God is always trying to speak to us, guiding us gently to remind us of many things: that everything around us is an illusion mean to remind us of who we really are, that there is no need, requirement or condemnation from Him, that we are each unique and special and have gifts to impart to the rest of humanity, that we are connected to everything, that we are God and that God is us, among many other profound messages. And God will and can use ANYTHING in creation to convey his message to us. All too many times, our society has cast aside these divine pearls that have been handed to us, because they might not be empirically proven, because they are hunches or feelings, or because they are merely labeled as musings at best, or heretical at worst. All of these messages are delivered by everyday prophets as I like to call them. Anything that God uses to speak to you through is essentially a prophet. Sadly, our language and culture have been tarnished and limited to a connotation of what a prophet is: a mystical being who is perfect in every way and who is a special unique individual sent to save all of us – the chosen one. And yet, this definition is both correct and incomplete at the same time. See, we all have the potential of being prophets for God because we are innately mystical beings who are perfect in every way and we are all unique and sent to save each other – but the part that is incomplete is that we are saving each other from the false illusions that we have bought hook line and sinker. These illusions fuel and mold every part of our lives. There are many false illusions that we have bought into, and I hope to explore them further in another area of my site which I will be adding called “Spirituality.”

But in the mean time, I ask, no I challenge, each of you to start your own conversations with God. Speak to God, knowing that he/she is within you and that you ARE God. Not that there is a part of God in you, no, that you ARE God. Acknowledge it and embrace it and you will begin the path of self-empowerment. Speak within your heart to God about all of your problems in your life, especially where you need direction, and listen to your feelings for his voice. It will not be a booming voice from the heavens it will be a tug, a hunch within you. That is your soul YEARNING to act – follow it and you will be acting from a divine center within you and your life will begin to change. Slowly you will release fear in your life – fear that is rooted in those aforementioned illusions – because you will know that you are being guided by God. And God will use anything around you to speak to you, so if you pose a situation to the divine, be prepared to hear, see, feel, touch, taste and smell the answers around you. It might come in the lyrics from a song on the radio, or from the feeling you get to approach someone, followed by the wise words that come from God via their mouth. Always look for the prophets around you and now that I have brought it to your attention, be SURE that you will see them around you. They will come to you by the bus loads. Unexpected phone calls, strangers you bump into at a bar, billboards on the side of the highway, a thought of a long lost friend coming to your mind beckoning you to call them. Listen to all of them and get ready for a divine adventure. Take this page on this screen as your first message from God and me as the messenger, telling you, inviting you to listen. You, deep within you soul, asked for direction, and I am here to deliver it to you.

See, I know who you are. I know why you are here, and I invite you to listen so that you too might know.

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