Posted by: Ikú Dayo | December 8, 2008

Background on The Year in White

elegbaheadThe “Year in White” was originally a section of my former website where I tracked my experiences as a new initiate in the Afro-Cuban religion of La Regla Lukumí (Santería). This was long before the popularization of blogs and other online journaling sites, so I had to manually create an html site to track my experiences. Because I no longer update that site, I decided to take down the vast majority of information, but I wanted to preserve the experiences of my Iyaworaje (Year in White) for new initiates who might wonder what it was like, and also to preserve a period of my life that was full of upheaval and reinvention.

The Year in White was incredibly controversial when I first put it up in 2001. Many accused me of being a traitor to the religion, others threatened me with curses or physical harm, while a small handful offered me nothing but support, compassion and love. In many ways, the reactions I received from The Year in White helped fuel my decisions about Santería, the community and the culture as well as my decision to leave. I am grateful for the experiences I went through, in spite of how painful they were, because they helped me reform my concept of self and firm up my identity both in spiritual and in social terms.

The Structure of the Site

The Year in White is structured like a journal. Entries were grouped according to the month they were written in. Simply click through the month pages and read them chronologically for maximum impact and to preserve the experience as most readers did. They had to wait a week for my updates, and often emailed me wanting to know how I was doing.

I’ve also added an update at the end of the Year in White to let readers know what happened with my Godfather and where I currently stand.

Welcome to The Year in White. Enjoy the read and feel free to ask me any questions by commenting on each entry.

Many Blessings,
Ikú Dayo



  1. Hey Eddy,

    How are you?

    I read your part of Palo and I really have some questions.
    Could you please contact me?

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind Regards!

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